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Parselini is our name for parsely.  It is a fun way of saying that this is a mini version of parsely. 

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Parslini has a vibrant, aromatic flavour which brightens flavours  and makes savoury dishes more balanced.  Almost every savory dish tastes better with a little parselini sprinkled over the top.  

Parsely  contains whopping 574% of the daily recommended value which promotes bone strength, and the possible prevention of Alzheimer's disease by limiting neuronal damage in the brain.  The Vitamin C content is 3 times as much as oranges and contains  twice as much iron as spinach. As an herb sprinkled in food, parsley actually helps purify the blood and fight cancer. Remember microgreens contain between 4 and 40 times more nutrients than their older counterparts so eating a little means a whole lot more.

Naked Carrot Parselini

I'm Parsley is mentioned often throughout history, and not only for its culinary and medicinal properties. The early Greeks made crowns of parsley to bestow upon the winners of the Nemena and Isthmian sports games, in the same manner that bay wreaths honored the Olympians. Parsley is used in the Hebrew celebration of Passover as a symbol of spring and rebirth.

Naked Carrot Parselini

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